Holiday of Purim in Israel

Purim, the Feast of Lots, commemorates the Jews’ survival symbolizing grave turmoil and threats by the Persian leaders, back in the fifth century BC. An exclusive characteristic feature of the cheerful festival is a reading of the Old Testament book – the five scrolls of Esther – that takes place in the synagogue. Donating to the poor, as well as providing and receiving gifts are generously associated with the celebration.

Mishloach Manot , or gift baskets, refers to items of food for an immediate consumption and drink that should be sent to one person, as a minimum, on the Purim day. The objective is to tackle sufficiency and friendship between Jews in a proper way. Even less favored people may be approached. Fortunately, women are also involved in the blessing of the Purim ceremony and they may perform the ritual, too. In that respect, a family may send the gifts referring to both their names on the package itself. Children above six years of age may participate in the Mishloach Manot, too. They may even send their own packages as separate benefactors. The beneficiary taking advantage of the gift may correspond in a similar way; yet, it is not a mandatory act. According to a verse in the Book of Esther, the Mishloach Manot may be provided via a go-between, and it is even preferable. A child may be that messenger, too.

“Sending portions,” as the Book reads, signifies the coherence and unity of the nation, once accused by Haman of being divided. Harmony reigns, and peace prevails – the two concepts that bring home in Israel the wisdom of the people suffering from fragmentation globally.

The prevailing ideas of sending different types of items as Mishloach Manot Israel comprise nuts, baked or homemade articles that deliver special charm, chocolate, fresh or dried fruits, gourmet coffee, etc. An Israeli salad consisting of small pieces of tomato and cucumbers may be treated as a distinctive gift. Juice and wine are among the preferred drinks to accompany the package. Improvisation in this case is an inventive boost for stabilizing the affection and friendship and is highly recommended. Fun gifts may also be attached: personal decorative items related to the Purim activities, as well as puzzles for the children may generously constitute a wide range of options. A card may be fixed to the basket, too, conveying the spirit of a happy Purim.
Relatives, friends, neighbors may be the clear target for receiving a gift basket.

Children may enjoy a separate package, hiding the surprise of having hand puppets, sweet candy items, decorative cookies, paints, clown accessories, even a tambourine, among Mishloach Manot gifts based on creativity and imagination. “Haman’s ears”, the three-cornered cookies of vanilla smell and fruit or jam filling, may teach the younger recipients of the gifts of the legend around the pastry, as well as how to eliminate evil when facing it.

Synagogues, on their own initiative, may make the gift baskets intended to be delivered to different targets of people for the sake of enjoying the festival on an equal footing. They may, too, organize fundraising events to serve charity. Make sure you use a reliable service for your mishloach manot delivery to Israel , likeĀ